Aim at the Goal - Completion of Quality, Service and Innovation

Mr. K.D. Pan, President
Mr. K.C. Pan, Vice-President
By implementing TQM (Total Quality Management), we are continuously doing a series of business practices designed to monitor the quality of production throughout its phases, and to minimize or eliminate the systematic error so as to ensure the quality of finished goods.

We believe, "Good services could create added-value to customers and extend the intrinsic value of products", that sets DC apart from its competitors and also could lead the entire enterprise toward incomparable success. Thus, we are consistently offering customers best services and fulfilling their needs to accomplish our motto: "Satisfying customers with excellent quality and superior services."

In the variable business environment nowadays, we never dwell upon past achievements and retard stepping forward. We are always utilizing every motivational and creative innovation to keep the enterprise from falling behind the trend of business society and losing its competitive advantages eventually. New products, processes of production, methods of quality control, conducting know-how, and managing system make us a peerless leader in the rectifier field.